Annual Corporate Maintenance

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What is an Annual Maintenance?

The annual maintenance of your minute book is essential. It contains several important aspects that took place during the year.

It generally includes:

  • Annual resolutions approving your financial statements/balance sheet;

  • Resolutions for the declaration of dividends, bonuses, loans, etc.;

  • Annual updating declaration or amending declarations;

  • Annual returns;
  • Extra-provincial registration.

Why is it important to maintain your minute book ?

Reason 1

You have a legal obligation to maintain your minute book.

Reason 2

You must also be prepared to provide complete and accurate information about your company in case of requests from shareholders, investors, bankers, professionals, tax auditors or others.

What we can offer you

We have a security-compliant storage facility that can hold several thousand minute books.

Thanks to our web platform, we can provide a follow-up and reminder service. We contact you annually to remind you that it is time to prepare various resolutions (annual, dividends) and file returns for your corporation or trust.

We give you access to our secure platform so you can access your virtual minute book.

Still not convinced ? Here are some benefits :

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are keeping your company uptodate.

Ensure quick and secure access to your information.

Avoid fees.

Avoid administrative and tax consequences

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